Sheridan Character Design: The Malgrith

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One of the portfolio requirements for Sheridan is to create your own character and use them in turnarounds. I created this creature – the Malgrith, but he was a little too complicated for what I was trying to accomplish. He’s awfully cool though so I’m posting him up here. The backstory that went into creating him is that he is a fourth line soldier for a horrific army. After the first few waves of cronies bash through the front lines this one would come in – stealth-like ninja style – and take out the stragglers and fast runners with his ax.

For fun I’m including the process of how I made him – since the process is the most fun of all for me.

I drew him on a piece of paper way too big for my little scanner, so I scanned it in sections.

Then I combine the two into one whole.

Clean it up some.

Ink it digitally on a separate layer.

Delete the original layer, add some shadows and voila! Insta-creature.

© 2009 Angela Entzminger

Web Comic Review: Trying Human

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So there’s this woman who has freaky dreams…
And an alien who dreams of hanging out with humans…

Crazy mad-cap mayhem and X-files like plot ensues!

Greetings friends and welcome to The Animator’s Journal weekly Web Comic Review.

Today I am pleased to showcase a well-written, researched and illustrated comic, Trying Human, by Emy Bitner. The dramatic and often comedic comic focuses on the life of Rose Marie Williams, a modern day filing clerk by day who inexplicably sleep walks by night. After going to a therapist and getting hypnotized she realizes that her sleep walks are not by her own accord, but that she is being abducted and analyzed by beings from another world.

And not just ANY beings, but the aliens who landed in Roswell, NM back in the 50s. The government did indeed cover it up and have been in communications with them ever since – even allowing them to transport people for experimentations. As the story onfolds we learn that one of the military personnel of the time even had a rendez vous with one of the beings, which resulted in the birth of a baby (or is it?) And to top that off there is a connection between her and Marie and the alien that loves her, Hue – a clone of sorts who is more human than meets the eye.

It is an engaging story particularly if you are of the sci-fi loving persuasion with interesting characters and a rad update schedule that Ms. Bitner sticks to. Currently over 100 pages of comic are available for your perusal. And you can also see Ms. Bitner’s fabulous sketches on Deviant Art. So head on over and give it a read – your brain will thank you.

Tuesday Night Life Drawing Class

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Charcoal charcoal and more charcoal. I’ll be lucky if I don’t inhale my weight in charcoal by the end of this class. Yikes. Drawing tonight was muy bueno. Jessica was a great model. And Mitch is awesome – he’s like the hip version of Bob Ross. I mean the guy sketches out the figure the way most of us sketch out stick figures. Wow.

Here are the drawings of the night.

one minute gesture drawings
I really like the staff – it reminds me of the dude ferrying the dead on the river Styx.

OK so Mitch did the gesture drawing on the right as an example of how to create better volume.

I tried his approach on the next series of gestures.

five minutes

ten minutes

Mitch showed me how to shade on this one. Neat!

forty minutes
I’m very proud of this drawing. I spent thirty-five minutes getting the form right and five creating the lights.

thirty minutes
Last drawing of the night – I sped through this one so I could create the contrast.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – February

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Tonight at Dr. Sketchy’s host Vivienne VaVoom served as the model. As mentioned in a previous post, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was created by Molly Crabapple in Brooklyn. Each month a local bar hosts the two hour life drawing class which features burlesque dancers, drag queens, go go dancers, or any other fun and strange persona. Not your typical art class for sure.

After cleaning out her basement VaVoom found weird and unusual tech props she had once used in a show – joystick bras, motherboard outfits, that sort of thing. And plastic ray guns. Sweet.

one minutes

five minutes

Motion sketch

Elaborate corpse

This is the “elaborate corpse” – every two minutes you pass the drawing to the next person. After ten minutes, five people have worked on your original sketch. Here’s what my original came back as (I must say I dig the black outline and red sketchy marker).

ten minutes

twenty minutes

This is my favorite sketch of the night. This is VaVoom’s homage to Bettie Page, complete with Bettie wig and weird sculpture art she converted into this Jupitar bra-thing.

© 2009 Angela Entzminger

Crazy Maintenance – Fun!

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Water started leaking out of the ceiling of my bathroom on Saturday (fun!) so maintenance came by to fix the problem. Turned out the problem was bigger than they thought so they had to cut a man-sized hole in the ceiling. Today they came back and stripped away the wet paint from the vent.

Here is the man-hole.

Here is the stripped paint around the now missing vent and the man-hole.

Here is the aftermath.

The maintenance guy vacuumed everything up though so now it looks nice again. And tomorrow they will fix the hole and redo the paint.

Turned out all this was caused because the original plummers did not install a WASHER around the pipe. Consequently, water built up and the pipe burst. Rule of thumb folks – do the job right the first time and this won’t happen. At least I can use my bathroom though. The folks upstairs had their bathroom dismantled so the guys could get to the pipe.

Fortunately, the mainentance guy was cool. And after I gave him and his buddies chocolate chip cookies, I think I am now their favorite resident XD.

Web Comic Review: Skin Deep

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There are so many web comics to chose from out there that it is hard to decide which ones to read. Fortunately, I have combed the internet so you don’t have to, reading hours and hours upon web comics and bringing my favorites to this blog. A sacrifice I make for you gladly, dear readers.

Today I am pleased to announce an awesome comic by illustrator and comic artist Kory Bingaman called Skin Deep. The comic chronicles the life of college freshman Michelle Jocasta who discovers by accident that she is not a human, as she thought all her life, but actually the last of the mythic race of sphinxes. As a lover of all things mythological, her plight immediately piqued my interest. A girl whose really a creature? Wow!

Fortunately for Michelle, she is not alone in her creature-ness, for coincidentally (or is it?) her roommate Meriel, and two new college chums Jim and Greg are ALSO creatures. Meriel transforms into a Nixie (sort of like a mermaid) who often swims naked, Liverpool transplant Jim aka THE AWESOME ONE changes into a Gryphon (or griffin, as you’ve seen here) and poor Greg is a Satyr with an immense amount of self-loathing. Together they battle crazy undead sasquatches called Momos, demons with bad attitudes, get cryptid messages from the shade of Michelle’s dead dad and enjoy a healthy dose of sarcasm.

And that brings me to what I like best about the comic – Bingaman’s fantastic sense of humor.Everyone has read their fare share of trite fantasy fare on the internet. However it is clear that while Bingaman is no stranger to the genre, she refuses to play along by its rules simply because others before her have done the same to poor effect. Even the witty descriptions in the cast section of the comic are artfully done, as, for example, when she describes the Momo as “big and strong, big and creepy, big and toothy, big and dead.”

I highly recommend this story to those who like fantasy, as well as those who aren’t huge fans. Come for the art, stay for the funny.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 22: The Hydra

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Here is the fearsome mythological beast – the hydra, a sea serpent (of sorts) with nine heads on average. I’ve been working on this bad boy…girl…thing…for over a month now, mainly to get the color scheme right. Haven’t quite cracked it, but rather than have all of you wait for another illustration for another month, decided to go ahead and post what I’ve already got and when I get the colors right I’ll post that too. See – two for one! That’s how much I like all of you.

I originally drew it on a piece of 11 x 17 paper that’s way too big for my scanner, so I scanned it in two parts.

Then I combined the two images into one and digitally inked it on a second layer.

I then deleted the original layer leaving a nice, crisp drawing. Pretty, isn’t it?