Character Design: Disney Style

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And now we get to the good stuff – character design using real characters. This week we first drew the model. Then, our teacher gave us Disney model sheets and we used the model as a reference to design some groovy Disney characters. My favorite of the bunch was Rapunzel – she’s super fun to draw and her hair wraps around everything nicely.

Zaana in Spaaaacceeee!

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Character Design today was fantastic. The best way to create a dynamic drawing is to create a story about your character. I created Zaana in Space – intrepid space explorer battling aliens, waiting to go on missions and finally standing triumphantly in the face of danger. Improv classes have greatly improved my drawing skills. In improv you create an idea for a character and your character then interacts with other characters in the same way. When I approached my drawings today, I thought – “What is Zaana doing? Is she fighting for her life? Upset that she wasn’t selected to go on a mission? About to blast off into hyperspace?” Giving her motivation plus “pushing” the drawing (exaggerating what the model is actually doing) makes for interesting drawings.

First Day of Character Design with AC/DC

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Yesterday I entered the marvelous world of character design class. I am learning alongside several friends from previous classes and am being taught by Nicolas, one of the best teachers at the Academy and who is also very funny.

We started off with several notes and a general discussion on how to create a character and what traits and mannerisms certain archetypical characters all possess. Then Simone modeled for us and we were encouraged to “push” a few of the drawings, as you’ll see below. We also had the opportunity to draw several 10 second drawings, which I had never done before, set to AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill” – the best way to draw fast EVER.