30 Days of Cryptids Day 11: The Genie

Hi everyone,

after much MileHiCon and other assignment fun I’m back with more Cryptidity-goodness. Today we feature one of my faves, the Genie, a whimsical creature said to grant wishes.

Anyone who has seen Aladdin, I Dream of Jeannie, The Fairly OddParents, heck, any numerous cartoons knows what I’m talking about.

I enjoyed working on the background for this one – after the Yeti this is the most detailed background work I’ve done for an illustration. This picture almost didn’t get made today. The power went out in my apartment complex, but I discovered after calling the apt. manager that the complex is served by two separate grids, and my apartment happened to sit dead in the center of them. So one room had no power, and the other room did, so using various extension cords and thanking the heavens that my desk is on wheels, I reconfigured everything so I could do my work. Yes folks, I go to great links to provide art!

Hope you enjoy it and more cryptid fun tomorrow!

© 2008 Angela Entzminger

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