Animation Screening at Kodak

I had the great pleasure of attending an independent animation screening on Tuesday night. The line-up included:

Bill Plympton “The Fan and the Flower”

Pat Smith “Delivery”

Nina Paley “Pandorama”

Jesse Schmall “Sub!”

George Griffin “KoKo”

Signe Baumane “Woman”

Debra Solomon “Everybody’s Pregnant”

Frank and Caroline Mouris “Frankly Caroline”

John Dilworth “Life In Transition”

Aaron Augenblick “Rambling Man”

All of the animators (excluding Solomon, Dilworth and Augenblick, who had previous engagements) were on hand to answer questions and mingle, which was quite nice.
If you ever get a chance, watch these short films. They are quite engaging.

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