Around Town Drawing Extravaganza

This week our homework assignment is to draw people from life. In other words IT IS THE BEST HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT IN THE WORLD. I am being graded on doing what I normally do – albeit with winter break thrown in the mix.

So instead of sitting at home at the drawing table, I explored the wonderful world of the city.

Ocean Beach:

These kids were awesome. The little boy and his sister walked around with a metal detector, stopping every few seconds to dig for buried treasure.

(And here are some fun photos as well):

Millbrae Library:

This guy realized I was drawing people and I could tell he was visibly upset. Too bad I finished drawing him thirty minutes before he realized what I was doing.
Heh heh.

The San Francisco Zoo:

Penguin feeding time. The Animal Keeper stopped to answer peoples’ questions.

John Flynn works with Savannah, a 23-year-old bald eagle who weighs 11 lbs. She was shot by hunters when she was 3 weeks old and brought to the zoo. Now she gets to hang out and amaze people.

Union Square:

The worst place to draw. Art Vendors set up shop every day so I thought Union Square would make the perfect place to draw people. Wrong. People only look at art for a grand total of ten seconds before walking briskly away. Tough. Fortunately, this guy decided to take a breather. He reminds me of Skeeter from the Muppets with his satchel, glasses and hair cut.

Fortunately, this young lady was lost long enough to stand still.

And she needed to call someone.

In hindsight, I got some good drawings out of this place. But at the time it was aggravating. People move too fast.
And of course, Starbucks:

Same girl, different poses.

Lady standing and listening to her friend. And that same girl again in the corner.

Why so many places? For starters, I had no desire to sit in Starbucks everyday for a week for hours on end. Second, the more places you go, the more opportunity to view different types of people engaged in more activities than talking on their cell phones. You think people talk on their phones a lot? Try WATCHING people. Everyone is connected to some type of electronic device. We’re becoming more and more like those folks in “The Matrix.”

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