ASLD Life Drawing – Friday

Had a guy pose today. Cool. Always good to draw new people. I’m working on drawing men. I am stronger at drawing women, but I know I will improve. I also had to contend with a rude older woman who wouldn’t scoot her TWO TABLES worth of art supplies over so I could see and remarked that I should get there early. That went over well. Wow, really lady? And are you always this rude or did that take years of practice? That’s a way to not make friends in a town where everyone knows everyone. Don’t be that lady, kids. Be the better person.

Also, I ran out of vine charcoal so had to use what I had left. The charcoal I had doesn’t work so well on the type of paper I use now, so I made due. I think my work turned out well in spite of not having the right charcoal, contending with an ugly acting older person and not being able to focus well this morning. Sheesh. Some art days are weird I suppose.

In other BETTER news, I received my portfolio requirements for Sheridan College today. SCORE! I am looking forward to attending this fall.

Enjoy the work.


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