Final Project: Sketchbook

Here are the pictures I submitted for my final project in Clothed Figure class. Why Clothed Figure you ask? Why not. Our teacher had us keep a shetchbook all semester and we submitted our best drawings. So here they are. Enjoy.

36th Annual SketchCrawl

Today I attended the 36th Annual SketchCrawl. We started at the rocket ship next to the Ferry building, and then myself, my friends from school and some cool folks we met from Santa Barbara went to Fishermen’s Wharf, North Beach, and then stopped at Yerba Buena Gardens. Great sketch time had by all. Looking forward to next year’s crawl.

Baby Day!

The Illustration department brought in the lovely baby Selah today to pose for us. She was awesomely wiggly and held her own for two and a half hours before melt down. Babies need their sleep, you know. An excellent event and good time had by all, including Selah, who enjoyed the attention.

SF Zoo

I love the animals at the SF Zoo. It was freezing today but that did not stop the animals from moving about.


It’s always a good time to draw hands. Below are some hands I drew from looking at art from “The Iron Giant” and “The Sword in the Stone” along with drawings of my own hand.