Being sick bites

So since I’ve had some kind of caustic flu-cold virus hybrid, I’ve been a hermit for the past four days. However, it has given me plenty of time to:

a) Not work (sweet!)
b) Watch a lot of movies
c) Rewrite “Xia”

Thus far I’ve watched “The Matrix,” “Transformers,” “Walk the Line” and about five episodes from season 3 of “Lost.” That show amazes and aggravates me at the same time. Why didn’t you push Ben over the edge of the cliff when you had the chance Sawyer? Why did you shoot Ben in the head when you had the chance Jack? Why did you run for the hills the FIRST time Kate? Grrr…all of those people need a swift kick in the rear.

As for “Walk the Line,” ever notice how all music biopics end up like VH1 behind the Music specials? “Walk the Line” is basically “Ray” with a white guy who plays the guitar and can see. It’s like the same movie! They’re the same person! Good grief. Everyone who wants to make it big in music should watch these movies so that they know never to leave their siblings alone when they are young and to not do drugs. That would solve 75% of their future problems.

As for writing, the “Xia” rewrite is going quite well. I’m up to page 86 out of 117. I’ve made the B story with Reyna’s parents, Tai, Nem and Gesh more interesting, and Drenn is going to get more of his backstory revealed in this version, so that the sequel will make more sense. Also, they meet Siv-Ky a different way in this version. I found the original copy of the first script, and had to laugh. It was a great first attempt but would have been a bad movie. Some of the plot points and a few lines of dialogue are the same, but that’s it. But everything else is radically different. Take note kids – rewriting is a GOOD THING.

My goal is to publish the final version on Triggerstreet by week’s end. I also need to finish my spec script of “Avatar” for the Nickelodeon Fellowship, which is coming up in two short weeks. I’ve got the beat sheet, just need to write the darn thing now.

And if you haven’t already done so – mail in your taxes.

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