Brad Ingelsby: Hero of the Day

Who says there are no more Cinderella stories?
This just in, newcomer, and I mean, NEWCOMER, Brad Ingelsby recently sold his FIRST screenplay, “The Low Dweller” at the tender age of 27 for $650,000.

The LA Times reported on our hero of the day.

Now my first thought was “Wowsers! His first screenplay for mega money! Lucky dog!” My second thought was, “How many scripts and hours and blood did this guy pour from his soul to make this happen?” My mother once told me that an “overnight” success actually means ten years behind the scene. And I believe it. Turns out the dude was an AFI grad, and that he spent his nights writing.

So the moral of the story? Aim for fortune but be prepared to put in the hard labor.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for our Guy Friday, and hopefully we’ll see his masterpiece on screen in a year or so.

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