Brad Meltzer Book Signing

Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a book signing featuring #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer at Tattered Cover Highland Ranch.

And let me tell you, Brad is no wallflower. A whitty guy to be sure, he entertained the crowds with ancedotes about his life, previous books, comic book writing career and even the outfit he wore, starting off the evening by saying that only a loser would wear the same outfit as the photo in the book jacket of his current novel, The Book of Lies.

I purchased a copy of his graphic novel, Identity Crisis, and he even signed it “For Angela, My Hero.” How cool is that? Pretty cool. If he’s ever in your town buy a book and say hi, you won’t regret it.

He also promoted an awesome charity to save the house where Superman was created –Ordinary People Change the World. Check it out and donate to save a great piece of Americana.

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