Animatic: Realm

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Hey there guys,

Today I am showing a segment from an animated show that I am creating. Back in 2007 I wrote a treatment for a television show I called Dragonfly. I later reworked it – changing characters and settings, and retooled it as Realm. In this segment, the young Matigar rushes home to discover that his village has been razed to the ground. Pretty emotional stuff. Take a look.

Animation II Reel

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Here it is – my Animation II reel. Man this was a tough class. I honestly felt that my skills were regressing from last year’s Animation I class. Currently I draw much better than I animate, which surprises me. It’s as if there is a disconnect between my ideas and what I am able to get across on paper. At times it is highly frustrating. However I tried my best to create worthwhile animation tests this semester. My teacher Michael Vickner commented today in class on how I have improved and that my characters have appeal. The thing to do now is to vastly improve my drawing skills by practicing even more everyday and going to even more workshops.

The lesson here is: draw draw draw.

I am the most pleased with the “Bear Jump” and “Eel in a Box”. Those two came out well. My “Cat Walk Cycle” looks pretty good too. All animation done by me except for the Grandfather in the tug of war segment – that part was animated by my animation partner Titus.