30 Days of Cryptids Day 22: The Hydra

Here is the fearsome mythological beast – the hydra, a sea serpent (of sorts) with nine heads on average. I’ve been working on this bad boy…girl…thing…for over a month now, mainly to get the color scheme right. Haven’t quite cracked it, but rather than have all of you wait for another illustration for another month, decided to go ahead and post what I’ve already got and when I get the colors right I’ll post that too. See – two for one! That’s how much I like all of you.

I originally drew it on a piece of 11 x 17 paper that’s way too big for my scanner, so I scanned it in two parts.

Then I combined the two images into one and digitally inked it on a second layer.

I then deleted the original layer leaving a nice, crisp drawing. Pretty, isn’t it?

30 Days of Cryptids Day 21: The Sphinx

Here lies the majestic Sphinx, creator of riddles, challenging Oedipus on his journey.
According to Encyclopedia Mythica,

The Greek Sphinx was a demon of death and destruction and bad luck. She was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. It was a female creature, sometimes depicted as a winged lion with a feminine head, and sometimes as a female with the breast, paws and claws of a lion, a snake tail and bird wings. She sat on a high rock near Thebes and posed a riddle to all who passed. The riddle was: “What animal is that which in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?” Those who could not solve the riddle were strangled by her.Finally Oedipus came along and he was the only who could answer that it was “Man, who in childhood creeps on hands and knees, in manhood walks erect, and in old age with the aid of a staff.” The Sphinx was so mortified at the solving of her riddle that she cast herself down from the rock and perished.

Friendly sort, wasn’t she?

30 Days of Cryptids Day 19: Valkyrie

Not to be confused with Wagner’s Opera or the Tom Crusie comeback vehicle of the same name, a Valkyrie was a maiden in Norse mythology. Legend has it that these sometimes winged, sometimes horse riding immortal women would take dying men on the battlefield to the famed halls of Valhalla. The most famous of all Valkyries was Brunhilde, from the Icelandic epic poem The Poetic Edda. The tome featured one of the first heroes of recorded history, Sigurd, who saved Brunhilde and was himself 2/3rds god and 1/3 man. Yeah that’s right, fuzzy math. God genes outpower those of ordinary mortals.

Now On Deviant Art

I joined Deviant Art today and began to post all manner of cryptidity-goodness. You can check out my profile under Zephyr-Art.
Do post a comment or two and I’ll be sure to visit your Deviant Art awesomeness as well.

I’ll be adding more Cryptids to this site and also to theirs in the coming weeks.
Been working on something extra special for the past week that I will hopefully have finished by this weekend.

Have a great evening folks!

30 Days of Cryptids Day 18: Loch Ness Monster

Here she is! Nessie, one of my favorite cryptids of all time, deserves special recognition. Legend has it that in the lake of Loch Ness in Scotland exists a creature of terrifying proportions. Is it a plesiosaur from the bygone Mesozoic era? A hoax? A monster all onto its own? No one knows. But she has her own website, so if you are so inclined, check it out.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 17: The Dragon

When I was a kid, I wanted a pet dragon. I wanted to fly through the air, find my enemies and have my pet burn them to a crisp.

I owe my love of dragons to two sources:
Pete’s Dragon (“Pleased to meet you, sir!”) and, you guessed it, The Neverending Story. The latter deserves its’ own post to be sure, that movie influenced my childhood self more than any other.

I present to you one of my favorite creatures of all time, the fire-breathing dragon. Are there any other types that are so cool? I think not.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 16: The Aspidochelone

The what now? The Aspidochelone (don’t ask me how to pronounce this) is our cryptid for Day 16. This is a creature of the deep that is rumored to resemble an island. Sailors come to it only to discover that it is indeed alive. In many stories, it is often portrayed as a sea turtle (for instance, in The Neverending Story) however, it’s not necessarily a turtle, but a monster of some type.

Thanks to all of you for your wellspring of patience. I’ve been spending the vast majority of my time job hunting. Not fun. My heart goes out to my fellow unemployed, underemployed, and job-seeking readers. I’ve discovered that Colorado does not have much in way of a publishing industry. In fact, there is next to nothing. There are not too many editorial jobs to be found here. I started looking for account executive positions and public relation jobs as a result. Companies always need sales people, and I like selling things, so hopefully I will find something very soon.

So for all of you like me who are looking for jobs, know that you are not alone in your quest!