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30 Days of Cryptids Day 13: The Unicorn

Who doesn’t love mythical horses with horns jutting out of their skulls? No one I know!

Here’s how I made my magical-horned horse.

How to make your own Fancy-pants Unicorn

Step 1

Make a rough sketch.

Step 2

Make a final sketch.

Step 3

Using the hue/saturation tool, set Cyan and Blue levels to 100%. This will make the blue lines disappear. Then set to grayscale. Set contrast to 25& and fiddle with curves levels until all the weird grainy dots vanish. Then set back to RGB.

Step 4

Color on different layers using the pencil tool and the paint tool set to 32 tolerance.

Step 4

I grouped all of the unicorn layers together (color, two shadow layers and highlights). I also used the dodge/burn tool for the unicorn’s skin and horns.

Step 5

I used the paintbrush tool to apply a final shade of blue to the trees in the background and an extra shade of brown to the cliff side. Voila! Instant unicorn.

30 Days of Cryptids Day 11: The Genie

Hi everyone,

after much MileHiCon and other assignment fun I’m back with more Cryptidity-goodness. Today we feature one of my faves, the Genie, a whimsical creature said to grant wishes.

Anyone who has seen Aladdin, I Dream of Jeannie, The Fairly OddParents, heck, any numerous cartoons knows what I’m talking about.

I enjoyed working on the background for this one – after the Yeti this is the most detailed background work I’ve done for an illustration. This picture almost didn’t get made today. The power went out in my apartment complex, but I discovered after calling the apt. manager that the complex is served by two separate grids, and my apartment happened to sit dead in the center of them. So one room had no power, and the other room did, so using various extension cords and thanking the heavens that my desk is on wheels, I reconfigured everything so I could do my work. Yes folks, I go to great links to provide art!

Hope you enjoy it and more cryptid fun tomorrow!

© 2008 Angela Entzminger

Cryptids Day 6: The Yeti

Hi folks! This image took longer than expected due to using a new technique I learned online with opacity and paint brushes. But it turned out well and I’m proud of it. Hope you like my Yeti – or Abominable Snowman if you will – and his prey!

Here’s how I did it.

How to Make a Fearsome Yeti: The Tutorial

1. Scan your image.

2. Add finishing touches to the image. I changed it so that the Yeti’s fur went in the direction of the wind.

3. Fill in the background layer at 100% opacity.

4. Give your Yeti bluish/white skin set to 86% opacity.

5. Using a 16 point brush, create the first overcoat layer of fur.

6. Using that same 16 point brush, but with the brighter white, create coat #2.

7. Use a darker color for shadows and color the nails.

8. Select a cold, deathly brown for your dead mammal of choice on the Yeti’s shoulder. Use a lighter color for the antlers and a slightly darker color for the antlers’ shadows.

9. Use a darker brown for the dead mammal’s shadows.

10. Set the brush to 40% opacity to create blood seeped fur.

11. At 100% opacity, choose a brighter shade of white for snow and after choosing a shade of gray, use an 11 point brush for snow shadow lines.

12. Using a specialty brush of your choosing, (or the one I found here) create the appearance of windblown snow.

And voila! You have your fearsome creature of the tundra. Remember to use different layers for each step and to save often.

Have fun!

© 2008 Angela Entzminger

30 Days of Cryptids Day 4: The Banshee

After nearly a week hiatus that is. Thursday morning my computer began shutting itself off of its own volition. I took it to the Apple Store and discovered that many of the early 20 inch iMacs have a manufacturer’s defect regarding the power supply. Some of you may have seen information on forums to that effect. They kept it over night and then called to say they would replace the power supply, which would take 2-4 days. The next day (this is now Saturday) they called to say that the power supply didn’t work, and that they would be giving me a new computer, and would I like a data transfer of all my info? Sure!

So today I now have a new machine, 1 GB more of space than I had before, and no weird mysterious shutting off problems. I highly recommend to all you Apple users out there that you get Apple Care – it’s worth they price and my replacement computer ended up being free as a result!

So now that I have my baby back, I bring you:

Cryptids Day 4: The Banshee

Known as the Bean Sidhe in Irish folklore and the Caoineag in Scottish folklore, the banshee is a wailing spirit believed to traverse the hillsides who appears near homes when someone is about to die. She’s also the daughter of Oberon and Titania for all of you Gargoyles fans.