AAU Portfolio

It occurred to me as I was listening to the Andrew Stanton interview by the Spline Doctors for the umpteenth time that I never uploaded my portfolio to get into AAU. So here it is! I showed it to Sherrie Sinclair the director of the program and she told me that by the time I get out I will be amazed at how much better my stuff is compared to this. Heck, I feel that way NOW, and I’ve only been in school for four months.

One of the things that I love about AAU is that you don’t have to be Picasso in order to get into the animation program. You have to be hungry for it, and they’ll work with you at wherever you are at. So if you’re thinking of going to art school and if you weren’t the kid who drew in class (I wasn’t) and if you didn’t take tons of art classes in high school or in undergrad (I didn’t) but if you worked your butt off taking life drawing classes later on (like me) then AAU is a grand choice.

I look forward to moving beyond what I am presenting here. For now though, it’s not bad. And I say to all of you out there – work HARD and do good work and you can become the proficient artist that you dream of becoming one day.