Kesa Animatic

Met with Tom Bertino last week and got some good tips to improve my animatic. Better camera angles and stronger poses = a better story. So here is the new and improved version. I also changed the main character from a guy to a girl – which was actually my original idea. I’m glad that I went with the original idea:

Kesa is a girl living in a tribe at the end of the Ice Age. Mammoth herds are growing thin so her tribe is having a harder and harder time searching for food. Due to her brother’s death and father’s illness, no one in her family is able to join the hunt. She goes off by herself and finds a baby mammoth – with surprising results.

And here’s the new animatic!

Teen Titans Storyboards Intro

Back in 2003 a phenom known as Teen Titans emerged on the cartoon landscape.

I absolutely adore this show. I watched Season 1 several times over the past month while I had the flu. And for Christmas I nearly completed my collection by purchasing Seasons 2, 3 and 4 (thanks Mom!)

Why do I love this show so much? First reason, the animation. It combined both American and Japanese style in a manga hybrid that I found absolutely captivating.

Second, the characters are fabulous. You have Robin, the Boy Wonder who is not afraid of making hard choices. You have Starfire, the kick butt alien girl who at times wonders if she truly fits in. You have Raven, the ultimate witchy misfit who uses sarcasm as a cloak to hide her dark past. There is Beast Boy, the changling who desperately wants to be liked and uses his powers to bring down the baddies. And last but not least, Cyborg, the happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t mess around. Great characters, all around.

So it was natural that for my first storyboard project, I decided to board out the intro to my favorite show. Disclaimer – I did not work on the show (oh how I wish I had!) so in order to do my boards I watched the intro frame by frame and drew what I saw. It was quite a tedious process, but doing so enabled me to understand timing and motion, as well as the effects of great camera angles. Over 70 images went into the making of my 1 minute intro, to give you an idea of how long it took to do this.

I’m currently working on boarding out the intro to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and will post that up here as well next month.

Until then, enjoy the intro!