San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival

Tonight marked the final evening of the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival. I volunteered in the office every week, working with executive director Scarlett Shepard. I had the opportunity to see “That’s What She Said” written by Kellie Overbey (“The Good Wife,” “Law and Order: SVU”) and directed by Carrie Preston (Arlene on “True Blood”). Friendly, lovely ladies and funny film. Check out the link here – it’s an official selection at Sundance and it will be released in theaters this fall.

Here are some sketches from the Q&A:

And here I am with Kellie and Carrie:

Links of Note: Toon In!…to the World of Animation…

Links of Note is a weekly post in which I offer a description of the links posted on the right side of this blog. Today I will be discussing Toon In!…to the World of Animation.

Toon In!…to the World of Animation is fabulous. Created by Tee Bosustow, son of Stephen Bosustow, Executive Producer for many of United Productions of America’s most beloved animated shorts, Mr. Bosustow interviewed many of the former and current heavyweights in the animation industry during the podcast’s 2006 to 2008 run, including voice acting maven June Foray, DreamWorks director Steve Hickner, Pixar/live action director Brad Bird, animator and author Tom Sito and even the late great Jules Engel. Along with several other industry professionals, he also helped coordinate the UPA Legacy Project, a feature documentary about the legendary studio, and was instrumental in the recent DVD release Jolly Frolics from Turner Classic Movies. 

Mr. Bosustow insists during his interviews that he knows little about animation, however his unbridled enthusiasm, easy-going manner and excellent Q&A sessions with his guests reveals a professionalism that all animators should aspire to. 

No word yet if this podcast will resume, but thanks to the internet the hard work and dedication of those involved with the site can be appreciated by students and fans of all aspects of animation. 

Image from  Toon In!…to the World of Animation

California Academy of Sciences – Spring Break Edition

I love Spring Break. No classes. No late hours. Just sleep, sleep, and more sleep. And hanging out with the beasties at the California Academy of Sciences.

Lemondrop  – the world’s chillest reticulated python, hangs out in his swanky digs.

An eel contemplates the universe. Or taking a nap. Hard to tell.

Some type of sea plant.



Another type of jelly fish. Not particularly attractive. But very cool.

Get out of my hole!

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

Moon Jellies – aptly named.

Even more Jellies. These little dudes were tiny – smaller than the size of your hand.

The Stingray swim meet.

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun…

Awesome Dr. Seuss-looking trees

BAWIFM Mentor Meeting Sketches

I attended the BAWIFM Mentoring Event co-hosted by the Women’s Film Institute yesterday. It kicked off this year’s 8th Annual San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, an event I have been volunteering for since February. I’m looking forward to the films and enjoyed hearing the panelists. They discussed what it’s like financing and creating their own films, how to work effectively as a leader of a project, being a woman in the field and the importance of assembling a team. As Windy Borman, director of “Eyes of Thailand” stated – “hire slowly and fire quickly.”

Top Left – The Sign Language Interpreter
Center Top – Filmmaker and Historian Lynn Hershman Leeson
Top Right – Associate Professor of Cinema, San Francisco State University Martha Gorzycki
Bottom –  Creative Consultant & Film Commissioner Ami Zins   

Top Left – The second Sign Language Interpreter
Center Top – Ambika, BAWIFM’s Moderator
Top Right – Director Windy Borman
Bottom – Pixar Story Manager Ryan Lynch

From Left to Right – Ambika, Ms. Borman, Ms. Gorzycki, Ms. Lynch,
Bottom Left to Right – Ms. Zins, Ms. Leeson