Cool Things I Found On the Net This Week: Animation Blogs

When I lived in New York I joined ASIFA-EAST, an animation organization that sponsors animation screenings, lectures, and life drawing courses at SVA. I had the great pleasure of meeting ASIFA-EAST president Dave Levy, author of Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive, an excellent love letter to NYC animation now in its third printing. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered his blog this week, Animondays. Dave dispels his years of wisdom in the field, having worked on projects from Blues Clues to Assy McGee, along with his own projects, with wit and warmth. It is definitely worth flowing, all you bloggers. Enjoy!

Cool Things I Found On the Net This Week: Save You Money Edition

This is an extra special saving-money-during-the-bad-economy edition of Cool Things!

Thanks to a lovely New York Times article that Yahoo! showcased on Sunday I found a number of great coupon sites. Save money on groceries, household products and gifts for the holidays!

This site is great. You can search for deals in your home state at stores near you. I found tons of coupons for food. And I like to eat, so this is a great thing!
Just like couponmom, this site also features nifty grocery and store coupons. It also lists savings codes on websites like
Another great site.
Sign up now and get a $10 gift card from places like Target and iTunes!

PCMag also has their list of their top 10 coupon sites. Check it.


Cool Things I Found On The Net This Week

Ohmygosh I found so many things on the internet this week it’s rather obscene. So I’ve put them into CATEGORIES, there are so many!



Thanks to friend of the blog Perzik for getting me hooked on Sarah Ellerton’s first webcomic, which I read, all 764 pages of it, in two days. IGN describes it as a cross between The Dark Crystal and Lord of the Rings. I kind of see why they say that. But a better description is that it is an excellent fantasy epic exploring why people treat others the way they do and how history is no excuse for treating an entire race like the enemy. You will most assuredly enjoy this. And if you REALLY like it, go buy it, so that Sarah can make even more cool comics (like The Phoenix Requiem, one of the previous features in this series).

Good Cheese
This furry-style webcomic is an absolute delight. Created by Kelly Hamilton, Good Cheese tells the story of sweet shy Ashlee, a dormouse with the world’s biggest crush on the geeky hottie lynx, Gunther. Seriously, it’s like my years in high school but with animals instead of people. Sigh. A great, cute, funny, read in awesome manga style.


And if you like Kelly Hamilton’s art in Good Cheese, you’ll love her latest web comic Roza, a mythical fantasy about a young girl whose blood contains magical powers. Good Cheese may be great art, but Roza is at the top.
You can see Ms. Hamilton’s animation training leap from the page onto your screen. I like Good Cheese better as a story but Roza is entertaining and still going strong.



Jake Parker is an animator for Blue Sky who is also the creator of Missile Mouse, a comic featured in Flight Explorer that will soon be published as its own graphic novel. On his blog right now you can see how Jake’s creation progressed from fanciful doodles to full-out story. A great look into the creative mind of an excellent draftsman.


I consider it an absolute travesty that I did not find out about Florian Satzinger’s blog Paperwalker until this week. This is some of the best character animation I’ve ever seen. Satzinger details his process for creating characters, showcasing everything from his color scheme to the types of tools he uses to get the job done. Bravo!

Creature Box

The creators of Creature Box, are fabulous artists Dave Guetin and Greg Baldwin of Insomniac Games, makers of titles like the super fun Spyro the Dragon and Rachet and Clank. The site is exactly what it says – a collection of weird and wonderful creations that have sprouted from their twisted minds. If you like Invader Zim-looking stuff and monsters in general (who doesn’t?) this site is for you. They’ve also written a comic which I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet but look for it in a future Cool Things post.


Zoetica Ebb

Russian model Zoetica Ebb poses for alternative lifestyle magazines and I first learned about her through Molly Crabapple’s MySpace page. Her photos are phenomenal – from a design standpoint, you can learn a great deal about color and characterization from her poses and fashion choices, which is why I mention her on this blog. Definitely not your average photo shoot.

And that’s it for this week’s edition. Tune in next time when I bring you more from around the interwebs!

Cool Things I Found On The Net This Week

Hi all,

I found two awesome blogs this week. The first, Illustration Friday, gives novices and professionals a chance to showcase their artistic chops by posting a word each week that inspires you to draw something related to that word. Anyone can submit an entry and the winning entries are featured on the site. It’s a great way to get exposure and find cool drawings by others on the web.

The second cool thing is animator Ward Jenkins’ personal blog. A freelancer from Portland, Oregon, Ward’s unique design style and use of color are quite fascinating. And special props to anyone going the entrepreneurial route. Check out his post on his B-Boy exhibit – absolutely stellar.

Seize the day!

Web Comic Review: Lackadaisy and The Phoenix Requiem

I bring your attention to some awesome web comics found on the net.

The first, Lackadaisy, by Tracy Butler, tells the story of Prohibition in St. Louis, MO and features an all cat cast running an underground speakeasy, the Lackadaisy. Mayhem ensues as Rocky, one of the main characters who desires to accomplish great things, gets into a scuffle with some local baddies who come after him and the speakeasy for some massive payback. Now I know what you’re thinking, “What the heck, 1920s America…with cats? Eh?

Seriously folks, this is one of the BEST comics I’ve read in quite a while. The superb artwork is matched only by the richness of the characters. This story is well worth your time.

The second comic, The Phoenix Requiem, by Sarah Ellerton, is consistently voted #1 on TopWebComics. Requiem tells the story of a young woman living in what appears to be some sort of late 1800s early 1900s country filled with spirits and all sorts of weirdness. It has romance, suspense, horror, and even better, the creator updates the comic TWICE a week for a total of FOUR PAGES a week. This type of dedication is virtually unheard of on the net and Ms. Ellerton gets mad props for her consistently great work.

So there you have it – two great comics which now have a link in the web comics section of this blog. If you find any other comics that you particularly enjoy, drop me a line and I may feature them here next week.

Cool Things I Found On The Net This Week

Word Balloon Podcast
Radio veteran John Siuntres speaks with comic writers and artists, animators, and film creators from all over the United States. Hilariously entertaining and often spireling into wacky out-of-control tangents, the podcast has featured such notable luminaries like Mike Mignola, Dwanye McDuffie, Brian Michael Bendis, Andrea Romano, Joe Quesada, and Brad Meltzer, to name but a few. This is one program that is worth your time – you’ll learn about the creative process and be inspired at the same time. Shiny!

The Dreamer

Created by Lora Innes, The Dreamer tells the story of Bea, a high school senior with a penchant for theater who every night dreams of being involved in the revolutionary war between the Americans and the Brits. Lora is a history pro, having researched the time period extensively, and even uses real people from the time in her comic. Of all the web comics I’ve read, this is by far the most professionally created comic I’ve seen. And not only that, but every page COMES OUT ON TIME, which is almost unheard of on the Internet. Her comic is now available in print form from IDW Publishing and you can order it from your local comic book shop by using order code SEPT084131E.

Fey Winds
This week I found yet another excellent comic through Tomgeeks that is definitely worth your time. The story of Fey Winds, created by Nicole Chartrand, centers around the misadventures of Kit, not a fox, yet not a human, x xx and xxx as they try to find the special objects that will lift their various curses. It has your standard fantasy fair but with a sense of humor that is often lacking in these types of stories – OK, that is never there to begin with – and art that is fabulous. And if you really want to be impressed, check out Chartrand’s 1 minute animated short she completed for her last year of college. Absolutely stunning.