Pixar Animator Mike Makarewicz’s Excellent Lecture Notes


Academy of Art alum, 8 year Pixar animator and all around swell guy Mike Makarewicz (MUH-KARE-UH-VITCH) gave a great talk at the 79 Montgomery theater on Saturday April 21st on the most important of the 12 animation principles to him: timing. It was an excellent talk. He spoke extensively on the subject, provided great film […]

Zephyr Animation now on Twitter


Hey folks, I’ve joined the rest of the social media wave and created a Twitter account. Mainly so that I could claim Zephyr Animation before someone else takes the name.Don’t worry I don’t plan on tweeting what I had for lunch (yet.) hashtag @ZephyrAnimation Rock on.

Bay Area Women in Film & Media


Attended an AWESOME panel this evening hosted by the Bay Area Women in Film & Media. I’ve only been in this town for four months and I am blown away by the sheer amount of creative coolness swirling about this city. Panelists from ILM, Kabam, San Francisco State University and Pixar were on hand to […]

The Sketcher Strikes Again


Sketches of people at APE: On BART: And a family dinner at Pier Market. Whose family? Who knows.

Kenwood, CA wineries


My folks were town this weekend so we drove up to Kenwood and visited two wineries. We had fun and had some delicious and not – so delicious beverages of the alcoholic persuasion. Here are some photos from the trip: Rows of Landmark Winery grapes Close up of Landmark grapes Even more Landmark grapes Landmark […]

APE: Alternative Press Expo


Attended the Alternative Press Expo for the first time on Saturday and had a grand time. The event highlights those in the indie press industry, as well as independent creators and bigwigs like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf and 4D Entertainment. I met every creator that I really liked and now have some great autographed books. With […]

An Evening with Craig Thompson


San Francisco’s very own Cartoon Art Museum celebrated the release of Craig Thompson’s latest graphic novel “Habibi” this evening at 7 pm. It was a delightful showcase of Thompson’s artistic endeavors as well as an in depth look at how the artist created the 600 + page tome. That’s right folks – 600 pages of […]

Dr. Sketchy’s


I am greatly excited that there is a Dr. Sketchy’s right here in downtown San Francisco. Summer fun!

National Portfolio Day


Went to Portfolio Day yesterday. It was…different. I expected it to be crowded so that was no surprise. It was kind of organized in some areas and not so organized in others. Some lines had chairs, others didn’t. I received the best review from Academy of Art. I say best because Frances was the friendliest […]



Hi folks, I had the great pleasure, thanks to my friend Rose Beetem, of volunteering for the 40th Annual MileHiCon in Denver today. It was quite fun! I have been to cons in Texas (Wizard World Dallas – first year held!) and the East Coast (Big Apple Con! New York Comic Con! Mocca Fest! Onna […]