Sheridan Portfolio

I received my letter of acceptance into Sheridan’s Visual and Creative Arts Program. HOO-RAH. It’s a program to sharpen your skills – I’ll be taking classes for a year and applying to the Animation program in Fall 2010. Pretty excited. Here’s my portfolio:

Life drawing

Animals in motion


Hand studies

Storyboards starring Adam

My kitchen

My kitchen from my point of view

Beautiful objects

Objects covered in sand

Personal art

Sheridan Character Design: The Malgrith

One of the portfolio requirements for Sheridan is to create your own character and use them in turnarounds. I created this creature – the Malgrith, but he was a little too complicated for what I was trying to accomplish. He’s awfully cool though so I’m posting him up here. The backstory that went into creating him is that he is a fourth line soldier for a horrific army. After the first few waves of cronies bash through the front lines this one would come in – stealth-like ninja style – and take out the stragglers and fast runners with his ax.

For fun I’m including the process of how I made him – since the process is the most fun of all for me.

I drew him on a piece of paper way too big for my little scanner, so I scanned it in sections.

Then I combine the two into one whole.

Clean it up some.

Ink it digitally on a separate layer.

Delete the original layer, add some shadows and voila! Insta-creature.

© 2009 Angela Entzminger

Everyone has an opinion

I found this post tonight on Thinking Animation.

Apparently some guy in the industry went to a Sheridan Animation Open House Night and watched over 60 student films back in 2007. He wasn’t impressed at all and blamed the school for producing such a lack of talent. At first this disturbed me, as I want to go to Sheridan and I don’t want to spend money on a bad school.

I went to the source and read the article in its entirety. Pretty distressing stuff.
But then I read the comments. And as I sifted through the rants and raves, I discovered some vital points.

Number one:

Who the heck is this guy?

I mean really – he says he’s in the industry, but he doesn’t list who he is. And his blog only had TWO posts TOTAL – an introduction and a slam against Sheridan. Personally, I believe that if you have that much vitriol you need to be courageous enough to admit who you are. It looks like he cut and ran while he could get outta dodge with his skin intact.

Second – this is his opinion. And that’s all it is – an opinion. None of us saw these films. None of us are able to judge them on their merits, or lack thereof. We are dependent solely upon the musings of some nameless guy. I’m assuming it’s a guy. It could be a dwarf for all I know.

Third – I’ve seen the blogs of many Sheridan students and the work of most of them is first rate. Having been in ASIFA and attended screenings I’ve also had the privilege of seeing a lot of drawings and a lot of films from around the world. And the student work from Sheridan is on par with the work I’ve seen from SVA, SCAD and CalArts kids.

Fourth – no school is perfect. One of my friends who graduated from SVA told me that he learned more at his first job than in the four years he spent at school. No one I know from SVA liked the administration. And I’ve heard the same from RMCAD students. I believe that it’s not only the administration and the teachers, but the effort put forth by the students. If you really want to learn animation, then you’ll learn animation, with or without an institution. Teachers help of course, and you should find the best program you can, but to take one person’s ire as canon is frankly, silly.

Now this guy may be completely right. He truly may be an industry insider. And the school may absolutely blow. Or at least been substandard back in 2007. But considering the only proof we as an audience have is an anonymous blog rant, we should be skeptical. Blogs are great but they’re not truth on a biblical scale by any means. It’s a sad state of affairs when we view forums like this as absolute truth. I would not want anyone to read this post, for example, and completely agree simply because they found it on the interwebs. That’d be scary. I’m not the authority, I’m only expressing my own opinion. What I am saying is that since all of us have been granted minds we should use them to analyze information and take what we read and hear with a grain of salt until we can prove those so called “facts” to be actual facts.

So for those of you thinking of going to school, as I am, continue to pursue your dream. I intend to go to Sheridan because based on what I’ve researched and heard from people who attend it’s a good place to be.

If it sucks, I’ll transfer. If it’s fine, great.

Sheridan Portfolio, Teen Titans and ASLD Tuesday Life Drawing

I did three things today:

1) Worked on my character design for my Sheridan portfolio.
2) Watched Seasons 3 and 4 of Teen Titans
3) Went to art class

Cartoons + Art = good drawings and consumption of too many cookies. Yum.

In regards to my portfolio, I found a design that works well and will post my work in the next few days or so.

As for Teen Titans, show that I love, I’ve discovered that Season 3 is the best out of the 5 Seasons. This one features three of my all-time favorite episodes: “Spellbound,” in which Raven is lured into freeing a malicious dragon posing as a handsome wizard, ” “Betrothed,” where Blackfire and Starfire battle for control of Tamaran, and “X” where Red X mysteriously returns and Robin must face the reality that things are supposed to be simple, but they are not. Not to mention this is the season where Beast Boy becomes a werewolf creature and Cyborg helps create Titans East. And Bumblebee kicks major butt.

As for class, Mitch showed us slides of figure drawings from artists such as Van Gogh, John Singer Sargent, Klimt, Degas, Picasso, and several Russian and Chinese artists.
We had a lesson today on creating a great design using composition, gesture, tone, perspective, focal point, anatomy and color. I must say it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed watching a slide show.

Marie modeled for us for the drawing portion of class. She is a middle-aged woman with great poses and volume. I enjoy drawing different ages and body types and it was nice to have a model that wasn’t young and skinny for once.

One minute gesture drawings

Five minute drawings

10 minute drawing

Cool Things I Found On the Net This Week: Back to School Edition

Mark Mayerson, an animation professor at Sheridan College in Toronto, created a personal blog chronicling his opinions on animation. Even more interesting to me – he also created a Sheridan Animation blog with links to students’ work. This is a great resource for anyone interested in attending Sheridan, as you can see the types of work that the students did for class, and their own personal projects.

Included in that blog is a link of the Sheridan Portfolio Review where you can see the admission portfolios of two students, Jonathan Coit and Jamie Metzer, who are now students at Sheridan.

There are also dozens of blogs of current and recently graduated students from the animation program. My favorite blogs are from fourth year students Jinny Liang, and Stacey Chomiak.
Jinny’s work has been featured in ImagineFX magazine and Stacey worked for five years in graphic arts before becoming a student at Sheridan. Both of these ladies are clearly ahead of the curve with their work and are people to watch in the upcoming years.

Hats off to Mayerson and the students who posted their work for prospective students like myself to see. These links allow me to see what Sheridan wants from students and have enabled me to improve my own work.