Farewell Sym-Bionic Titan

Sadly my newest favorite animated show is being cancelled. That’s right, according to the good folks at Cartoon Brew, Sym-Bionic Titan has bit the dust after one season. They say that although the show received excellent ratings, it failed to deliver enough money in the toy sales department. That is absurd. It’s a show about a GIANT ROBOT fighting GIANT MONSTERS. With WEAPONS. It has Awesome-Toy-With-Karate-Chop-Action written all over it. I’ve never even seen any merchandise in the stores for this show. Did they market it? Did they even have prototypes? Who knows. There goes my dream of interning for the show while I am in school.


On the other hand, I am certain there is more to this story than not enough toys. Avatar: The Last Airbender did not have a ton of merchandise and they ended up making a movie out of it. Not a very good movie, but they got a movie deal. Teen Titans didn’t start getting tons of merchandise until much later in it’s run. Heck, even Generator Rex (which I like very much) is just now getting action figures at Super Target. Who knows what goes on in the minds of TV executives. Hopefully though, they will have the good sense to at least put the episodes in a nice DVD set.

So Titan now joins the pantheon of shows I love that ended before they truly hit their stride:

Rest in peace, Firefly.
I bid thee well, Spectacular Spider-Man.
(Update – April 5th – found out that Spectacular Spider-Man actually had 2 seasons. Fantastic! Hopefully Season 2 will be released sometime this year.)
So long and thanks for all the fish, Pirates of Dark Water.

You will be, and still are, dearly missed.