Animation II Reel

Here it is – my Animation II reel. Man this was a tough class. I honestly felt that my skills were regressing from last year’s Animation I class. Currently I draw much better than I animate, which surprises me. It’s as if there is a disconnect between my ideas and what I am able to get across on paper. At times it is highly frustrating. However I tried my best to create worthwhile animation tests this semester. My teacher Michael Vickner commented today in class on how I have improved and that my characters have appeal. The thing to do now is to vastly improve my drawing skills by practicing even more everyday and going to even more workshops.

The lesson here is: draw draw draw.

I am the most pleased with the “Bear Jump” and “Eel in a Box”. Those two came out well. My “Cat Walk Cycle” looks pretty good too. All animation done by me except for the Grandfather in the tug of war segment – that part was animated by my animation partner Titus.


Big Cat Day

Once a semester the school host’s Big Cat Day, where the owners of one of San Francisco’s large cat preserves comes and brings big cats for us to draw. It’s pretty awesome. This semester they brought a cheetah (which is as tall as a shetland pony, those cats are HUGE), a lynx, and bobcat and a serval – a vicious little cat who would gladly bite the hand that feeds it. The baby bobcat moved around too much for me to get any decent drawings, but here are some fun life drawings of the other cats. The Cheetah:

The Lynx:

The tiny mighty Serval:

Women in Camera and Lighting Panel

BAWIFM and SF State University’s Cinema Collective co-hosted a panel on Thursday April 26th with female directors, directors of photography and cinematography spoke about the industry. An excellent panel with excellent guests.

From Left to Right: Moderator Laura Valladao, Director of Photography Sophia Constantinou, Cinematographer Jessica Fisher, Director of Photography Kate Lin Ariz Mendi

From Left to Right: Kate Lin Ariz Mendi, (Excellent Panelist’s who’s card I forgot to grab) and Photographer and Director Van Nguyen-Stone

Left to Right: Excellent Panelist and Laura Valladao

From Left to Right: Jessica Fisher, Kate Lin Ariz Mendi,

San Francisco Zoo

Went to the San Francisco Zoo on Saturday April 28th with my friend Ching-Yu from Figurative Concepts class and had a grand time drawing the animals.

My personal favorites are the anteaters. Found out that the zoo owns three – a momma, a poppa and a baby almost the size of the momma.

Momma taking a stroll.

I saw the momma anteater bathe – something I had never seen before in all the years that I have visited zoos. Didn’t even know they liked the water. She brushed her tail with her snout like a comb.

Poppa pacing around in his own enclosure. The area the Momma and Baby have is much nicer. It’s too bad he does not have an enclosure that is as nice. His is all concrete.

Pixar Animator Mike Makarewicz’s Excellent Lecture Notes

Academy of Art alum, 8 year Pixar animator and all around swell guy Mike Makarewicz (MUH-KARE-UH-VITCH) gave a great talk at the 79 Montgomery theater on Saturday April 21st on the most important of the 12 animation principles to him: timing. It was an excellent talk. He spoke extensively on the subject, provided great film clip and musical examples, reviewed animation club member Brandon’s reel, and even gave a demo on how to animate Sully from “Monster’s, Inc.” Animation gold, I tell you. Here are my illustrated notes. You can also read some non-illustrated and equally helpful notes over at the Animation Club blog.