I’m back!

I have returned. As it turns out, all of Blogger’s photos are actually stored on Picasa and after six years of running my blog I had used up all of my photo storage space. I’d been wanting to try out a WordPress blog for some time now and Blogger’s lack of space propelled me to make the switch. So thanks Blogger! You were good to me for years but now it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

Sketch Blog

So after posting last week I realized that I mainly draw characters standing perfectly straight.

But animation is all about movement. So this week I began to draw characters in various other positions. My good friend returned from Japan with several anime books for me, so I am teaching myself how to draw in that particular style. I am more impressed though with the various poses in the book, three of which are shown here.

And fear not – Alex Pariah will return soon.

Return of the fox

So after waiting on Sunday for my coworker to show up with my new monitor
(which never happened) and after having problems with my roommate’s scanner (grr) I became thoroughly frustrated by this whole mess. Why did my laptop die after four short years?

Fortunately, now the scanner/printer is operating again so I can now resume with my weekly blogging. I am currently working on page 4 of “Alex Pariah,” but while you wait, enjoy some of the sketches that I crafted in the interim.

As you will see, it takes many drawings to flesh out an idea of what a character should (or should not) look like.

Alas poor software, hardware, etc.

One day the stars will align and all computer errors will be a thing of the past.
But alas, today is not that day.
Due to my roommate’s scanner AND Adobe Photoshop program not functioning (i.e. freezing then going dead) no new posts today.
I know, your tears could fill a thousand Tuesdays.
But fear not dear readers! For tomorrow is a better day (and I get a new monitor this weekend and return to MY computer and scanner – yeah!)

Great news for Teenage Robot Fans

In my ongoing quest to find entertaining animation news, I found a blog devoted to
“My Life as a Teenage Robot,” created by Rob Renzetti (who also worked on another fave of mine, “Samurai Jack”). This is no ordinary fan blog, as it was created by the masterminds of the show, and contains great photos, art and info.

Read all about it here:


Editor’s Note

Hey folks,

in my continuing quest to improve the site, I figured out how to make the comic slightly larger so that it is easier to read. Click on the page and you can get a close up shot of the panels.

Page 3 coming Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the mailing list!