What happened to Sketchbook Month?

You may have noticed that I have not posted anymore drawings for March is Sketchbook Month for the past two weeks. Reason being that although I adored the contest and seeing everyone else’s drawings, with the exception of the Sym-Bionic Titan Fan Art, I did not feel that my drawings were up to par. I recently watched How to Train Your Dragon for the third time and while listening to the commentary, was quite impressed by the years of work that went into the story, and by the boards and character animation. The acting in that film is superb, and that, along with several animation books I have been reading, inspired me to spend less time on the blog and the internet and more time at the drawing desk. So instead of posting something at the last minute everyday, I have been spending a few hours each day working on characters for my upcoming comic, Welcome to Oceanside. And when I say work, I mean working on poses and expressions that I have never done, and trying to achieve the same level of quality that I admire in the works of some of my favorite artists, like Glen Keane and Mike Mignola.

The one thing that Sketchbook Month taught me is that it is indeed an excellent idea to draw everyday in order to hone one’s skills. Rather than just hash something out, I’ve been spending a lot of time on fluidity of motion with my characters, construction lines, and making sure that the characters maintain a consistent look from drawing to drawing. I feel great about my progress and look forward to sharing what I have done in the next few months.

I expect to launch my webcomic, pending class schedules and work, by June and to update two days a week. That will be quite an undertaking but I am certain that my storytelling skills and art will vastly improve the more I push myself to be more creative with my style.

Sketchbook Month Day 7

Found a great animation/illustration blog on Sunday from Cedric Studio that you should all check out. Cedric has deemed March “Sketchbook Month” and has invited everyone and anyone to post their sketches onto their blogs, then email him and he’ll post the sketches on his blog. Brilliant idea. I have tons of sketches that I’ve been working on for my upcoming webcomic “Welcome to Oceanside” so now I have a good reason to start uploading them onto the blog.

Here is one of my main characters – she’s actually rather shy but according to these sketches she’s doped up on sugar cereal. She has her moments.