Xia – DONE!!!

So after a year and two and a half months and five rewrites, “Xia” is DONE. And not only done, but submitted to Creative Screenwriting’s AAA Contest and Triggerstreet. I am quite proud. I finished draft four last Sunday and thought, something is not quite right. Something is still missing. I reread the script twice and A-ha! Found the problem lay with the B story and the sidekicks. Fixed them both and KA-BLAM! New and improved script.

I put a moratorium for looking at it again for two weeks. After that point, it goes to the next round of contests.

This leaves time for outlining the “Untitled Awesome Project” for Script Frenzy. So far, this year’s going great.

Xia Version 3.0

I started to rewrite “Xia” last week after a month hiatus. It’s a good idea to not look at the script for awhile — let it percolate in your brain as you focus on other tasks.

I’ve got two other ideas to work on once “Xia” is completed and submitted to various contests and sites. First one up — Triggerstreet.com. After reading many scripts in Trigger, most of them quite bad, I decided to rewrite my creation before submitting it, as I already knew what the problems were in version 2 and didn’t want it pointed it out to me 10 times by anonymous readers.

After Triggerstreet comes the Final Draft contest, Page International, Slam Dance, the Nicholl’s Fellowship and the Disney Fellowship. I stand to win something out of all of these, *wink wink*.

“Xia” 2nd Edition now complete

And the crowd goes wild.

Yesterday I completed one of my New Year’s Resolutions – complete “Xia.”
It is finished.

After a decade of blood, sweat, and reams of paper in my room rivaling Russel Crowe’s office in “A Beautiful Mind” I finished my first feature length script. It clocks in at 124 pages – still “too long” but two pages shorter than the original version I completed last May.

And officially registered! Lucky number 1,245,873.

Sent it off to three friends for review (thank you friends) and now going to give it a rest for awhile so that I can start on the next three scripts.

And what are they, you ask?

1. A spec script for “Hannah Montana” for the Nickelodeon Fellowship
2. A spec script for “Lost” for the Disney Fellowship
3. Either “Rock Out Loud,” “Darkness Rising” or “Xia” for the Nicholl’s Fellowship. Haven’t decided which one – depends on which one I like best by May 1st

I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing. I am one step closer to fulfilling the dream here – I’ll already have three in the can by May, bringing the grand total to six completed works.

Look out, Hollywood. Angela’s coming.