Character Design: Mermaid Girl

Here are some characters from a short film idea I have called “Mermaid Girl.” It’s the timeless tale of a poor young boy who sneaks into a traveling carnival and discovers a mermaid girl being held against her will by an evil carnival owner. He and his intrepid dog sidekick save the girl and save the day.

Below are versions 1, 2 and 3, ranging from cartoony to more realistic.

Version 01: Newsboy Sidekick Dog and Mermaid Girl

Version 01: Evil Carnival Owner

Version 02: Newsboy and Mermaid

Version 02: Sidekick Dog and Evil Carnival Owner

Version 03: Newsboy

Version 03: Mermaid

Verison 03: Sidekick Dog

Version 03: Evil Carnival Owner

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