Crazy Maintenance – Fun!

Water started leaking out of the ceiling of my bathroom on Saturday (fun!) so maintenance came by to fix the problem. Turned out the problem was bigger than they thought so they had to cut a man-sized hole in the ceiling. Today they came back and stripped away the wet paint from the vent.

Here is the man-hole.

Here is the stripped paint around the now missing vent and the man-hole.

Here is the aftermath.

The maintenance guy vacuumed everything up though so now it looks nice again. And tomorrow they will fix the hole and redo the paint.

Turned out all this was caused because the original plummers did not install a WASHER around the pipe. Consequently, water built up and the pipe burst. Rule of thumb folks – do the job right the first time and this won’t happen. At least I can use my bathroom though. The folks upstairs had their bathroom dismantled so the guys could get to the pipe.

Fortunately, the mainentance guy was cool. And after I gave him and his buddies chocolate chip cookies, I think I am now their favorite resident XD.

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