Diablo Cody is my favorite person

So I listen to Creative Screenwriting podcasts all the time, and today I’m listening to a conversation between Jeff Goldsmith, senior editor of Creative Screenwriting magazine, and Diablo Cody, stripper turned author turned screenwriter of Juno. Now I have to point out that I thought Juno was too ultra-quirky for it’s own good, I mean it laid it on pretty thick. The other characters were not nearly as interesting, although Jason Bateman was super creepy to the point where I was screaming in my head for little Juno to run out of the house. But what I like about Diablo is that she doesn’t BS her way out of conversations. She’s a genuinely funny individual, not pretenious, absolutely real. That’s a refreshing concept, considering how some writers are so full of themselves, or so focused on “art” and “craft” that you wonder if they would be better off creating paintings that no one understood on New York street corners.

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