Diaglogue Dialogue

Is something that I need to work on. I’ve found while editing my script for the third time that while I am adept at description, the dialogue leaves something to be desired. A whole lot of “Augh!” and “Look out!” and “Leave them alone!” peppers the script. The best action, sci fi and fantasy movies have great bits of illuminating dialogue, speeches that you recite over and over again long after the rest of the film has faded.

Also, realized the reason why I didn’t like the “B” part of the story was because the characters were not fleshed out. They are one dimensional compared to the “A” story characters and need something else to define them. Either that or they need to be done away with completely. I am hesitant to do this however, as every hero in these types of stories tends to lose one or both parents, and I want to buck the trend by having Reyna’s parents live, at least for this first movie. No promises on the sequels.

As for sequels, I have a kernal of an idea for “Xia 2.” There will be a “Xia 3” but no ideas yet as to what that will entail.

But first I gotta finish the first one. Final Draft contest is the first one up.

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