Drawing for Features Storyboarding ANM 372 Week 6 and 7: Emmeline Wilshire’s House

This semester I am taking ANM 372 Drawing for Features Storyboarding with Disney Story Artist Tamara Lusher-Stocker. I am chronicling my experience on the blog for myself and for those interested in learning more about storytelling. I highly recommend trying your hand at the assignments we were given. Happy boarding!

This week our assignment was to create a horror story from a singular point of view. I’m not the biggest fan of horror story because they scare the crud out of me. But I do like suspense stories and ghostly/non-grisly stories. And it’s for a grade, so I’m not forfeiting my chance to do something new. So for my story, I decided to tell the tale about a camera crew investigating an abandoned mansion for a television documentary and being scared out of their wits.


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