Yo peeps.

So this is the third week of my drawing class over at the Art Students League of Denver. I am enjoying the course immensely. Our teacher is using some techniques from the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards to teach us how to see. Drawing is all about seeing, being able to know in your mind the relationships between lines and shapes that make up objects. If you can see those relationships, you will produce more accurate drawings.

I know this from personal experience, as I have been drawing this way since I was a child. Until now though, I didn’t realize you could write a whole book on the process, nor did it occur to me that some people don’t know to do this. So all this time I’ve been ahead of the curve (sweet!) But now everyone can learn how to be better artists, which is way cool. Viva la drawing!

Here are some of the projects I have completed thus far:

I went to Civic Center Park and did a contour drawing of this flower (which was surrounded by a whole mess ‘o bees!)

Here’s my left hand.

And here’s a funky outlining project that ate up two markers. It was fun though.

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