FA 602 Head Drawing Class

These are some drawings of various heads that I did in Han’s FA 602 Head Drawing class here at the Academy. I highly recommend his class – he’s an excellent teacher, very patience, and he gives great tips on how to draw a human head.

I am very pleased with the results. This is the first time that I have ever had to focus on drawing the head on life models. The head is difficult for me to draw, so I always saved it for last, and as a result the face look the way that the model actually looked in real life. The faces below are not exact but you could at least
tell that I was trying to capture the essence of the person.

I firmly believe that anyone who wants to master art should take a class. I know there are a lot of so-called self-taught people out there, but everyone I’ve ever admired or met in person has had at least one teacher, as well as having spent hours practicing and reading books. I have advanced more in the past month than in the past year working solely alone. You improve not only by listening to the teacher but also seeing the work of other students. In this class we are not only learning about proportion and perspective but also how to properly capture light, which is also new to me. So by the end of class I will have a better understanding of how to apply value.

All of the drawings are done on 60 lbs. drawing paper using HB and 2B General’s Charcoal Pencils.Here’s the first human head that looks half-way decent:

The next two that look OK:

Close ups:

The next class session:

Close ups:

And believe it or not this is a picture of the same woman as above. Difference is that one was done in 20 minutes, this one in an hour and a half. You can clearly see the difference the extra hour makes:

And after seven classes we get this:

Close up of the best one so far:

And then backtracking to this. I colored in the main shadow and cast shadows too dark so her face looked like an anatomical study of muscles for awhile. Corrected it as best as I could:

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