I AM Punk Rock

At long last I have an offer for a JOB. I am excited.
Here’s the story:

2 weeks ago I began to get antsy as I attempted to find work in this town. As I scoured the Colorado film scene I came across a company featured by the Colorado Film and Video Commission. I checked out their awesome website and found the place that I wanted to work for. Alas, I have NO, read ZERO film editing, film creation experience, unless you count the two videos I filmed for junior history class in high school. (Which were, by the way, fantastic, or as fantastic as two short films with no budget and a Sony Handicam can be. But that’s beside the point.)

Knowing that I would have to be creative in my offer, I sent them an email that basically read, “Look here’s the deal. I recently moved here from New York. I love animation. I’m interested in your company. I can edit articles, do PR work, file, be an office assistant, an intern, what have you. Do you need someone awesome who can help you with the tasks you don’t have time to do? If you do, please give me a call.” And I inserted a creative subject line, “Do you need a volunteer/editor/office manager/lackey?”

I figured two things would happen:

a) They would laugh at my inquiry and give me a call
b) They would laugh at my inquiry and it would end up in the spam filter

Lo and behold, I get an email on Tuesday saying they LOVED the email, though it was charming and original and would I like to come in today to discuss a small project?


I went to their fabulous office today and turns out they need press releases. And since I would be working freelance they are testing me by giving me a sample to write. If they like it, I get paid, and thus starts a beautiful relationship. And they also need interns, so I have the potential of getting to work for them at their office as well.

Yours truly is majorly stoked and hopefully this is my opportunity to get my foot in the door at a place that is truly magical.

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