I’m a Script Frenzy Champion!

Well after a month of sweat I won Script Frenzy again this year.

Go me go me!

And kudos to the more than 450 other writers who cranked out 100 pages (or more) this year. The screenplay’s far from done, I’ve got at least 10 more pages left and a serious rewrite for May, but I achieved my goal, and the contest stimulated the old imagination, which is always a plus. And best of all, I REALLY LIKE Quest for the Soul Stone now, which is not something that I could say before.

So to all my readers who participated, congratulations!

And now a word from our sponsor – if you participated (or even if you didn’t but wish you had) please consider donating a bit of your spare change to Script Frenzy. They are way below on their donations again this year and could use the help to spread good karma the world over. I bought myself a shirt and intend to buy either this year’s shirt or a travel mug (or both) soon. Also, if you are unable to donate money in this nasty economy, you can still help by using the search engine Goodsearch. All you have to do is type in which charity you would like to donate the money and Goodsearch donates cash to your charity of choice. At last count the folks at the Office of Letters and Light, who run the Screnzy, received a fat check for $1000, so it’s definitely a good way to help them out.

That’s it for me. Peace out, yo.

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