I’m baaacckkk….

Yes dear readers after months of agony of not having a computer that worked, then borrowing the roommate’s computer, then moving, then having to deal with Time Warner (spawn of Hades- baw!) I have returned triumphant and ready to once again continue the blog that you so know and love.

What to expect in the future?

Well, right now is downtime in the animation scene – mainly lots of Christmas parties, always fun. When screenings commence once more in the spring yours truly will be there to give you the news.

I will be taking a new life drawing class and honing my animation skills, so there will be plenty of
art posts.

As for “Alex Pariah,” the comic is on hiatus until I work out the script. It may come back in new form, or be replaced by something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, only time will tell.

And as always, when I hear of contests you will be the first to know.



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