I’m on LinkedIn!

I applied to 11 jobs today. Go me!!! I am excited and tired by this.
My heart goes out to my fellow job-seeking readers. We are over 1 million strong, which is quite sad. Bad economy, bad! In an effort to soon be employed I have updated my LinkedIn profile. If any of you are on LinkedIn, drop me a line. Perhaps we can all find job harmony together.

And for those who are about to pull out their hair searching for employment, fear not! I can attest that good times are coming. I’ve been unemployed before and found that it’s a great time to update the old resume, join networks, get in shape and get a hobby. My hobby has been drawing cryptids and hanging out with friends. And soon I will be selling my worldly possessions on ebay. I also learned Illustrator.

I am sure that your hobbies are just as fab. So when you’re not applying for jobs, learn a new skill. Your brain will thank you for it!

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