Indian Food

I went to MoCCA for the second time today. Got there at 5:30, enough time to visit Chari, who was here to promote her work. It was good to see her, as I had not seen her in over a month, being the busy busy girl that she is. She said she’d hook me up with Teen Titans Go! comics – woo!

Also saw MY ENEMY who hopefully won’t be my enemy much longer after a talking to, but we shall see. You can’t be friends with everyone, I suppose.

Also scored some free comics from friends from art class that I didn’t even know were into comics. By all accounts half the comics I received this weekend were freebies, courtesy of cool people who remembered me. I will be sure to return the favor when I am at MoCCA next year.
I’ve heard that SPX is good as well, though that is quite expensive ($300 for a full table). My goal is to have one comic and lots of picky things like postcards, stickers and door hangers. According to friends little things sold better than comics this year. Probably because they are cheap and people like to adorn themselves and their stuff.

Last but not least- updated drawings start on Tuesday. Look for it!

Peace out.

PS- And as the name of this entry suggests, I had Indian food with friends. Yum.

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