Internet Goodness

While looking for jobs today (gotta pay the bills somehow) I happened upon a most excellent website: Simply put, it’s YouTube strictly for animation. Lovely concept really. Animators have a place to showcase their work while also networking with other animators, novices and industry professionals. You can even get paid for your efforts if you become popular.

Also revisited one of my favorite sites, This site is fantabulous because the creator, Jennifer Shiman, redoes movies in 30 seconds. With animated bunnies. You heard right, ANIMATED BUNNIES. It’s hilarious. My personal fave so far is “Jaws.”

And, saving the best for last, I finished my “Avatar” spec script for the Nick Writing Fellowship. YEAH! So excited. I will find out in August if I made it as a semifinalist, and find out at the end of September if I am chosen to go to sunny Burbank, CA to shadow a Nick Exec for AN ENTIRE YEAR. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, I can’t post the script on this blog, but I’ll find a way to get it out there to you.

That’s all folks.

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