Lots and Lots Going On

Oh geez and it never stops, you know?

August 2008 will officially be known henceforth as the month that went CRAZYTOWN.

So many things going on – most important is that I will be hunting for another job soon, which makes me sad but it was a great run and I look forward to the next assignment.

And I am now taking another drawing class! Very excited about this. My teacher is fab. I’ve learned a great deal and I’ve only been to one class so far.

As for screenwriting, after taking a month hiatus I’m now back in the saddle rewriting “Quest for the Soul Stone.” I’m diving into writing better dialog and developing deeper relationships between the characters. I must say it is exciting and hard work and I am looking forward to entering it in contests this fall.

I would like to thank Joss Whedon and the cast of “Firefly” for showing me what awesome writing truly looks like. What a great show.

I remember that by the time I learned that the show had come out and that I should take a looksee that Fox cancelled it.

I’m sure they’re still kicking themselves over that one. I must say that Zoe, Wash, and Mal are my favorites, they all tie for first place. Truly excellent characters indeed.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, go buy it.

And if you’re interested in seeing the awesome that is the writing team of this show, check out the Firefly Wiki where you can read actual scripts.

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