Octo-Dragon Maquette

And finally, here is the Maquette I created for character design class. This is the dreaded Octo-Dragon that I created for my friend Mary Kate Dangoia’s thesis project. I am doing the storyboards and character design for her 3D/stop motion film and created this model as a proto-type of our titular villain.

The process for creating the maquette was extremely fun. First you create turnarounds to figure out what the character will look like on all sides.

Octo-Dragon Turnaround 01

Octo-Dragon Turnaround 02

Octo-Dragon Turnaround 03

Octo-Dragon Turnaround 04

Octo-Dragon Turnaround 05

Next, you create a wire frame, which serves as the skeleton for the character.

Octo-Dragon Wire Frame 01

Octo-Dragon Wire Frame 02

Octo-Dragon Wire Frame 03

Then you cover the wire frame with aluminum. This is essentially the first layer of “skin.”

Octo-Dragon Aluminum 01

Octo-Dragon Aluminum 02

Octo-Dragon Aluminum 03

After that, you add the sculpey clay, a little at a time. Then you bake it in the oven for 25 minutes.

Octo-Dragon Sculpey 01

Octo-Dragon Sculpey 02

Octo-Dragon Sculpey 03

Octo-Dragon Sculpey 04

And finally, when the sculpture cools, you sand it down and then spray it with primer. I used Rust-o-leum. And voila! The dreaded sea creature.

Octo-Dragon Final 01

Octo-Dragon Final 02

Octo-Dragon Final 03

Octo-Dragon Final 04

Octo-Dragon Final 05

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