Paintings from Head Drawing Class

Here are the first paintings I ever did for my Head Drawing Class from this summer. It was the first time I ever used oil paint and I had a good time. Painting is quite fun and relaxing. It’s also a lot faster to get paint on canvas than drawing with a pencil or charcoal so you have to take your time, otherwise you don’t focus on what you are doing and your paintings start to look messy.

Here’s the first painting. Pretty bad. Poor guy ended up looking like Hitler. He said this happens to him a lot in paintings. In real life he is friendly, so this is unfortunate. Fortunately I improved over time.

Much better than the first painting I did. You can tell he is old.

Best painting out of all the ones I did in class.

This painting did not turn out well, which is unfortunate as the model looked cool.

I am pleased with this one. I enjoyed painting her hair.

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