Pixar Storyboard Class Weeks 8 and 9 – Red Samurai

This semester I am taking ANM 499 Digital Storyboarding for Feature Animation with Pixar Story Artist Kristen Lester. I am chronicling my experience on the blog for myself and for those interested in learning more about storytelling. I highly recommend trying your hand at the assignments we were given, as well as watching the films assigned. Happy boarding!

For this assignment, we were given the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and tasked with creating our own version in a different genre. As I saw thinking about what version I wanted, two ideas came to mind: spy films and samurai. Originally I intended to create a Little Red Riding Hood spy caper, but the more I thought about it, the more I envisioned a great film a la Akira Kurosawa.

To prepare, I watched the following amazing films:









Throne of Blood

If you want to watch films with great cinematography, story and emotional depth, these are your films. They are also quite dark — darker than I anticipated. Basically, they chronicle the folly of man. Definitely not feel good movies of the year. But great films don’t have to be!

Using that as my template, I created my version of Red Riding Hood I call — Red Samurai. Sherrie Sinclair, the director of the 2D grad program and my mentor Rosie gave me some great advice after I showed them the finished product, and I look forward to revisiting this story in the future.

Until then, enjoy!

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