Rock Out Loud!

So today I finally went back to Triggerstreet. I joined several months ago but left it neglected. But nothing like finishing a script to make you want to get involved.

So the deal with them is that you have to review four scripts before they let you post your own. You also have to agree to have actually READ the script and offer constructive criticism that will help the person instead of turning them into a self-conscious pile of mush.

I must admit thought that the first script I read was BAD. It had a great premise- boy fights dragon who is the actual cause of the fall of Pompeii. However the characterization and formatting needed a lot of work. I gave the person some concrete examples though, so hopefully that will help.

The second script was better but devolved into confusion mid-way through. Too many flashbacks, and some facts were revealed later but not completely, so it left you scratching your head.

I’m glad I read both though because it enabled me to see problems in my own script that I know I need to fix now. However, I’m not looking at “Xia” until February 1st. I need to take a breather otherwise I’ll get sick of it and never want to work on it again.

So instead I started to write “Rock Out Loud!” I admit that right now the script has NO plot. I tried to come up with one and a log line and since nothing came to mind I just started writing. Real stream of consciousness stuff. I’m on page 5. I figure if I just write whatever pops into my head every day for a month I’ll be done with it. It won’t be that great but it will be a start, and every writing book I’ve read has said that the first draft is quite bad anyway.


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