Screenplay thus far

So I’m working on my sixth screenplay…wow, that sounds so cool.
It’s entitled (so far) “Quest for the Soul Stone.” It’s for Script Frenzy, and after extensive edits I’ll post it on Trigger Street.

As far as screenplays go this has been the most difficult to write, one because the deadline is so tight, but the real reason is because I’m not too stoked on the plot. I’m hoping to find a gem that I can exploit but at the moment the characters and storyline are flat to me. They’ve yet to jump off the page. That ever happen to any of you?
But you know, another part of me is like “It’s cool if this screenplay never goes anywhere.” I believe there are stories we write that are destined for greatness and stories we write that basically serve as lengthy practice sessions.

And this one’s a practice session.
And that’s cool with me.

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