Screenwriting Blogs Recap

Hello hello dear readers. With the plethora of blogs out there you may wonder how you will ever find the time to read them all. Well look no further! I present to you a recap of today’s gems of the blogsophere from my favorite screenwriters. Enjoy!

Today on Blake Synder: Spec-O-Palooza
The writer of the now famous books Save the Cat! and Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies explains why NOW is the best time for you to submit your spec and how you can come up with a high concept idea that is neither lame nor cliche.

Jane Esperson presents:
And Maybe Looking in the Mirror Will Make Him See Himself

Ms. J encourgages us not to write drag that old dog of a line into the script again, thus annoying our poor viewers. As she says in her blog:
“If a line seemed to write itself because you’ve heard similar lines a million times, it’s probably worth reviewing for several reasons: if it isn’t holding your interest as you write it, it probably won’t interest the reader either.”

No update from our man John August until Thursday.

Man Bytes Hollywood will be receiving a nice chunk of change due to a lawsuit against UCLA for charging exorbidant fees. This has, well, nothing to do with screenwriting but it’s good to see that Dave and the other former students will get some money back. I remember the pain of my student fees. *shudder*

Jon Deer at The Thinking Writer hasn’t updated his blog since FEBRUARY 26TH. What’ the deal, yo? Where are you?!

Craig Mazin is still on break. He’ll creep back into the internet sometime this month.

Kung Fu Monkey’s John Rogers gives a shoutout to web comic creators Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield for FREAKANGELS. Story struck me as odd but the art is mighty fantastic. John hasn’t given us any tidbits on the submissions he received for his new series, or anything else for that matter, this month but I’ll report as soon as I hear anything.

And this is surely the shot heard ’round the world wide web, kids.
Alex Epstein reports that Uwe Boll, crafter of such cinematic masterpieces as BloodRayne, BloodRayne II and In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, will GIVE UP THE CRAFT if one million people sign this petition.

Now I’ve never seen any of these movies, but I must say I’m impressed by the fact that this cat still makes movies even though he appears to be one of the, if not THE most hated filmmakers on the planet. And though people have protested, he keeps going. He’s like the Energizer Bunny, the Fidel Castro of film, if you will.

So that’s the scoop. Want to see more recaps of other blogs? Drop me a line and let me know which ones should be featured.

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