Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Friday Edition

Hello all my scribblers out there. It’s time for another recap of the best in the blogosphere.

It’s been relatively quiet this week — people are busy, hiding, working hard, dealing with down servers (glad you’re still out there Unk) or potentially giving up their blogs (say it ain’t so, Dave!) but there are some nice gold nuggets of wisdom out there in the wilderness.

First up, Mystery Man details how you can tell that a script is suffering from serious crapiocity. Pretty entertaining, to say the least.

Blake Snyder
extols on the summer blockbuster and what Hollywood can do to keep itself afloat.

John August explains why making up your own jargon is both fun AND educational!

And Amanda dishes out the reality of living/working/writing in LA and why you shouldn’t pack up and leave after one short year.

And that’s the scoop, ladies and gents. On my end, I’m off to finish/seriously rewrite QftSS so that I can rewrite Xia. And then Darkness Rising. And then start my next spec…

Ah, a writer’s life. Never bored. Too many things to do.

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