Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Monday Edition

Welcome back from the weekend, fellow readers!
Hope that all of you had an awesome Saturday and Sunday.
As you all know I co-hosted two Script Frenzy events, one which I posted about and another I’ll post about later today.

And while I was out writing writing writing the scribes of the scribosphere were busy lamenting over a rather ugly letter sent by the presidents of the WGAe and WGAw. Apparently the two are resorting to witch huntery post-strike, which is quite sad. Both John August and Craig Mazin posted about it on their blogs. You can also read the full letter in all its’ scathing glory here.

In more upbeat news Amanda posted her two cents on how to find your voice and why it is so important in the craft of screenwriting.

And Cat! auteur Blake Synder gives a shout out to his upcoming third book. I’m a big fan of formulas but unlike Blake I don’t believe that EVERY screenplay has to adhere to all 15 beats of his BS2 as he suggests. I wrote my first two screenplays without it and they turned out alright, but whatever works for you I suppose.

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