Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Monday Edition

Good day to all of you, dear readers. I trust your weekends went well?
I’m now on page 41 of QftSS, very exciting indeed. Also took some time out to draw extensively and will have posts up in the next few days.

Alex over at Complications Ensue answers a reader’s questions about switching between flashbacks. An important distinction to be made to be sure. My screenplay, Xia, was chock full of screenplays, inner mind monologues and other crazy techniques, so it’s good to see how a master would handle the situation.

Ms. Jane explains why it may be, or may not be, OK to use colorful language in your descriptive passages of your spec scripts a la Lost.

John August
includes nifty pics of Spectre from Big Fish.

Newbie Amanda shares a cool contest happening in New York.

And Blake Snyder shows how storytellers can save lives.

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