Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Monday Edition

Greetings fellow screenwriters! I hope that the weekend treated you well and that all of you are busy crafting your masterpieces. Quest for the Soul Stone is on track to be completed by the Script Frenzy April 30th deadline. I am excited for this screenplay. Thus far the adventure/family-friendly tone works well for it and I look forward to submitting it to contests after the rewrite(s). I am disappointed though in the Frenzy fallout. What I learned being an ML this year is that many people sign up for the challenge but few remain by the end. The write-ins consisted of myself and one to three other people (sometimes), even though 56 people signed up for the area. Not sure if they finished their specs or not, hopefully they did and they were too busy/swamped/shy to show up, but you never know. I fully intend to ML next year so we’ll see what happens in 2009.

As for the Scribosphere, your favorites are back and ready to lend their wealth of knowledge to us, the burgeoning troop of future professional screenwriters.

First off, Jane is back online after taking time to work on her script for “Battlestar Galatica.” She even includes a piece of the actual script for her loyal readers to peruse. Fabulous!

Personal fave Amanda will be blessed by the karma of the universe for her list of companies to call in regard to finding a job in LA. Thanks Amanda.

John August shows that he is not only a wonderful writer but also human by revealing that it took him six hours to write one scene. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one.

Mystery Man continues with Craig and John’s rant about the now-infamous WGA blacklist. Shameful what the Guild has stooped to after doing so well with the strike.

Blake Snyder gives a warm shout-out to everyone who attended his recent meet and greet. His previous post is truly inspiring as well and definitely worth a read.

gives tips on how to showcase a phone conversation in your script.

And in sadder news, Man Bytes Hollywood may or may not return. David is struggling with whether he should keep the blog or allow it to spontaneously combust when he returns from his retreat. The selfish part of me hopes that he will keep the blog as he provides a wealth of information, but he alone knows what he should do with his time. We’ll find out what happens when he returns.

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