Screenwriting Blogs Recap – New Blogs!

Hoorah for trolling the internet. You find all sorts of interesting things. For instance, last night around 1 a.m. I discovered the blog penned by Mystery Man on Film, anonymous insider who bills himself as “famous yet anonymous, failed yet accomplished, brilliant yet semi-brilliant. I’m a homebody who jetsets around the world. I’m brash and daring yet chilled with a twist.”

Very intriguing, eh? So Mr. Mystery has now been added to the link list of screenwriting blogs to watch out for. This month he’s offering a unique and fun challenge to screenwriters: READ the screenplay of your favorite movie, post your critique on your blog and send him a link to his blog. He’s posting some of his favorite responses on his site, so you get a chance at exposure among the scribosphere. PLUS, you can read responses from your peers around the internet. What are you waiting for? Start writing!

And, courtesy of Ms. Jane, we have another new screenwriting blog for our reading pleasure. This one comes from the pen of Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer, an assistant at an agency in LA who graduated last year from Ithaca College. Ms. Amanda offers her inside scoop on how to make it in showbiz. I like this girl. She’s honest and savvy and doesn’t waste time lamenting. These are qualities that all of us screenwriters should aspire to. And in today’s post, she gives us no excuse for not getting our script into the Hands that Control the Industry. She started off not knowing a soul and now she’s in LA. Read how she did it and apply her method.

And Cat! favorite Blake Snyder
shows us that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that you should always have your pen and paper ready to capture those “movie moments,” (for instance, pregnant man anyone)?

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