Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Tuesday Edition

Only three scribes of the scribosphere have updated their blogs today. And not only that, they talk about stuff I don’t really care about. Wah!
Oh well. Time to dab the eyes, throw out the tissues and carry on.

Mystery Man talks about what film noir actually is. Personally I’ve never liked film noir. Actually that’s being nice about it, I can’t stand film noir. Everytime I hear about how great Chinatown is I want to hurl. But you may like it. So if you like it, you should read the book he recommends.

John August goes off on a tangent about Grand Theft Auto IV. Yeah, I know. I was shocked too. More of a Tetris gal myself. But his tangent does have a bit of a point. He’ll be off playing for awhile so you may not see any updates on his blog (or on mine about his blog) for a few weeks. Sad, very sad.

But Amanda talked about something I actually found useful – the Pros and Cons of being an assistant for tv/film/production. Very cool info. Read her blog update first.

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